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Australian Feminists for Animal Rights seeks to raise the consciousness of the feminist community, the animal rights community, and the general public regarding the connections between the objectification, exploitation, and abuse of both women and animals in patriarchal society.

As ecofeminists, we also are concerned about cultural and racial injustice and the devaluation and destruction of nature and the earth. We view the cultural construct of patriarchy (as distinct from the biological fact of maleness) as a system of hierarchical domination, a system that works for the powerful against the powerless.



AFAR is dedicated to unite people through a network for the purpose for exchanging ideas, lending support and advocating

AFAR is for women, men, activists, animal lovers, queers, greenies, mothers and fathers and thier children - everyone who wants to see a peaceful and equitable world for all species

AFAR promotes veganism where possible

AFAR is dedicated to abolishing all forms of abuse against women, animals - and all species - through non-violent means

AFAR aims to make the voice of the voiceless heard



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